Tools and databases

ANT-seq Ancestry inference through microfluidic multiplex PCR and targeted sequencing

EAGLE Detection of GxE interactions in transcriptome data

EigenMT An efficient multiple hypothesis testing correction for eQTLs

IPF Gene Explorer A web server for investigating differential expression and splicing in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis lung tissue.

mmPCR-Seq Primer Design scripts

ORegAnno: Open Regulatory Annotation Database A database of literature curated gene regulatory elements and regulatory variants.

Path-scan A reporting tool for identifying clinically actionable variants.

Sardinia eQTL browser Browse Sardinian eQTLs from Pala, Zappala et al.

Sex-specific eQTL browser Browse sex-specific eQTLs from Kukurba et al.

Sockeye, Chinook and CHuM 3D genome visualization, peer-to-peer bioinformatics and machine-learning for regulatory variation (pre-2006).

SplicePlot A tool for visualizing splicing quantitative trait loci (sQTL).

Supplemental pages for manuscripts

Liu et al, Genetic regulatory mechanisms of smooth muscle cells map to coronary artery disease risk loci - eQTL and sQTL summary statistics

Pala, Zappala et al, Nature Genetics, 2017 "Individual- and population-specific regulatory variation in Sardinia" - supplemental code/info page

Kukurba et al.,, PloS Genetics, 2013 "Allelic expression of deleterious protein-coding variants across human tissues" - supplemental info page

Montgomery et al., Nature, 2010 "Transcriptome genetics using second generation sequencing in a Caucasian sample" - supplemental info page


Oct 17th, 2017: GTEx papers online

June 1st, 2017: Matt Durant and Olivia de Goede join the lab

May 22nd, 2017: Emily Tsang passes Ph.D. oral defense

May 3rd, 2017: Joe Davis passes Ph.D. oral defense

May 1st, 2017: Nicole Ferraro joins the lab

March 24th, 2017: Craig Smail joins the lab

Feb 10th, 2017: Zach Zappala passes Ph.D oral defense

Dec 15th, 2016: Montgomery lab joins MoTrPAC

Aug 30th, 2016: Abhiram Rao joins our lab and Ingelsson lab

July 1st, 2016: Mike Gloudemans and Nathan Abell join the lab

Apr 2nd, 2016: 'How genes define us' on Radio New Zealand

Jan 16th, 2016: Montgomery lab featured on BBC News

Oct 9th, 2015: Xin Li wins Cotterman award at ASHG meeting

Sept 14th, 2015: Bruna Balliu, Ph.D. joins the lab

May 27th, 2015: Kim Kukurba passes Ph.D. oral defense.

May 27th, 2015: Kim Kukurba wins CSH Biology of the Genomes poster competition

May 22nd, 2015: Laure Fresard wins CEHG Postdoctoral Fellowship

Jan 26th, 2014: Laure Fresard, Ph.D. joins the lab

June 10th, 2014: Bosh Liu joins the lab

May 19th, 2014: Inside Stanford Medicine highlights our multi-tissue allele-specific expression work

March 29th, 2014: Emily Tsang is awarded a Natural Sciences and Research Council of Canada (NSERC) doctoral fellowship

March 6th, 2014: Mauro Pala obtains his PhD

Dec 31st, 2013: Konrad Karczewski is off to Boston to postdoc with the Macarthur lab

June 24th, 2013: Emily Tsang, Hewlett-Packard Stanford Graduate Fellow, joins the lab

May 4th, 2013: Kim Kukurba wins Department of Pathology research award for her work on multi-tissue ASE

March 31, 2013: Marianne DeGorter named a Banting Fellow

March 14, 2013: Marianne DeGorter, Ph.D. joins the lab

August 31st, 2012: Tracy Nance, Ph.D. joins the lab

June 6th, 2012: Kim Kukurba awarded Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship

April 18th, 2012: Kim Kukurba awarded a Dept of Defense Graduate Research Fellowship

April 16th, 2012: Mauro Pala joins the lab

April 2th, 2012: Mark Piercy joins the lab

Mar 30th, 2012: Kim Kukurba awarded an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Feb 8th, 2012: Our work gets featured in Nature.

Jan 3rd, 2012: Dr Xin Li joins the lab

Dec 1, 2011: Profiled by Genome Technology magazine.

Sept 23rd, 2011: Dr Kevin Smith joins the lab

July 1, 2011: The lab opens its doors in the Department of Pathology. Actively seeking postdoctoral researchers and graduate students.


Selected list of conferences.

Mar 27th-31st, 2017: Banff, Canada, BIRS

Oct 18th-22nd, 2016: Vancouver, Canada, ASHG

July 11th, 2016: Stanford, USA, GTEx Community Meeting

June 25-26th, 2016: Stanford, USA, BioC 2016 Meeting

June 20-24th, 2016: Sardinia, Italy 5th Sardinia Summer School 'From Gwas to Function'

Feb 8-10, 2016: Helsinki, Finland, FIMM Think Different Seminar

Jan 4-8, 2016: Holetown, Barbados, 2nd Barbados Workshop on Population Epigenomics

Nov 16-19th, 2015: Heidelberg, Germany, EMBL|Stanford Conference: Personalised Health.

Oct 6-10th, 2015: Baltimore, USA, ASHG


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